Tuesday Camp Timbercrest Session 4

It was a mild day here on Lake Keyser with only a few sprinkles!  My Favorite Pony girls went on the horses.  All of Jackman’s played dress up and learned how to make their own trail mix.  They finished their night with a cookout of pie iron pizzas, French toast, and s’mores.  The (R)CITs spent their Monday night camping out in Woodland Way at Camp Seven Hills!  Today they toiled alongside the Seven Hills CITs to earn their CPR and First Aid certifications and came back to Timbercrest in time to help their units with the cookouts.

The Sprucewood girls went to the Trading Post, did archery, and arts and crafts where they wrote letters for letter lunch.  They finished their day with foil dinners and s’macos before heading out to the Lean-to for their campout.

Brave and Bold did archery, played basketball and 4-square, went boating (on kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes), played on the water toy and had their cookout of pie iron pizzas and Zoe cakes for dessert.

The Ready to Ride girls learned how to tack up horses and then had a ring lesson where all the girls got to trot.  Then they headed to boating and went kayaking and canoeing.  They also got to play on the water toy.  For their cookout they made mac and cheese which was deemed to be delicious with banana boats for dessert!

All in all a wonderful fun-filled day!

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