Wednesday Session 2 Camp Timbercrest

Hi all!

Today was a beautiful and sunny day, albeit a bit chilly, here on Keyser Lake.  Our riding groups had lessons at the barn aided by our Riding CITs.  The Timbercrest at Night group joined the rest of the JCITs and CITs for the water toy.  Sprucewood girls had swim lessons, did some drama games, and made some arts and crafts.  After lunch units doing their sleepouts tonight packed.  We all met back up for the Buffalo Swim across the lake!  Those that didn’t participate in the Buffalo Swim played on a slip n’ slide!! The Timbercrest at Night group headed out before dinner for their evening of bowling in Jamestown.  Then it was time for choice where girls could choose between quiet time, Dudball (a game like baseball invented by one of our counselor’s family), or board games in the dining hall.  Then our girls from Jackman’s headed over to Strawhill for their first night in platform tents while our riding unit boated to the Totem Pole for their campout.

Til Next Time!!

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