Monday Camp Timbercrest Session 2


It has been a hot & humid day here on Lake Keyser!  The morning was clear and sunny and our Daisy’s and Brownies began with their swim lessons and a hike to Willow Bridge.  Our Strawhill girls spent the morning horseback riding at the barn.  The various counselor-in-training programs got together with Baywatch to do some teambuilding before hiking to Jackman’s Bay to set up tents for their overnight (which was subsequently postponed).  The Timbercrest at Night group learned about the stars with Lyric.  Sprucewood did some arts and crafts and earned their Flower badge.  Lunch brought the beginning of the stormy weather which prompted units to forego their swim plans in favor of staying dry in the lodge.  Units gathered together for circle games, friendship bracelet making, and a even a raid of the drama costumes for an impromptu fashion show!  We ended the day with campers choice where girls made fairy houses out in our hemlock forest, played an interactive card game called Happy Salmon, enjoyed an intense game of soccer, which all culminated in an all-camp dance party in our dining hall.

Click here to see pictures on our Flickr account!

Stay dry out there!!

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