Getting Started – Camp Timbercrest, Day 1 Session 1


This morning at 7 o’clock sharp, the bell rang 100 times to wake us up and start the day. Of course, those of us who decided to start our day with a splash woke up earlier to do the Polar Bear Swim. After flag and breakfast and our morning chores, each program separated to their respective activities. Dumbledore’s Army started the day off at the waterfront to practice for the swimming portion of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The campers in Ready to Ride headed to the barn, and the Junior Counselors in Training with the campers in The Great Cupcake Challenge did archery and fishing. This evening we redecorated Bellinger Lodge into Hogwarts’ Great Hall for a Harry Potter themed dinner. After dinner, Dumbledore’s Army is headed to The Forbidden Forest for a camp out.

(Click here to see photos on our Flickr)



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