Session 5 Programs

Today we’re discussing our LAST week of camp, happening Sunday, August 5, to Friday, August 10. Registration for our final session closes July 23, 2018. For more programs, visit our  Resident Camp Guide on our website.

Girls in Grades 4-6 in Fall 2018

  • Pastry Chefs – learn the basics of baking this week as you make delicious snacks and decorate homemade desserts. You’ll make cupcakes and fondue. Even better, you’ll make your very own recipe book to take home with you to share with friends and family.
  • Ready to Ride – horse-focused camps are a staple for us, but this new for 2018 program is designed to teach girls all about the up-and-coming sport of Western Dressage! Girls will learn the basics of Western riding techniques, as well as how to take care of and groom their horse.

Girls in Grades 7-12 in Fall 2018

  • Quest Seekers – take being a G.I.R.L. to the next level with our Quest Seekers sessions, available for five different weeks! Each program allows girls to create and plan overnight expeditions, compete for the Golden Paddle in the first annual Timbercrest Paddle Challenge, and go on a different day trip each session. Girls attending Session 2 will go caving and climbing at Allegany State Park.
  • Find the Artist in You – What is—or isn’t—considered art? Put together an awe-inspiring portfolio showing your love for the outdoors. Work with the natural wonders of clay to sculpt and glaze your perfected pottery piece. Teach a simple craft to another unit. Get psychedelic with a crafting classic: tie-dyeing. Make a camp mosaic with colorful tiles and beads. Take a day trip to the Corning Museum of Glass where you can make your very own glass design
  • Just My Backpack, My Pony, and MeThis program is for the more experienced rider (intermediate to advanced only). Spend a week than at Timbercrest putting your horse skills to the test! Spend time exploring the trails at camp as you prepare for a more challenging adventure off the property. Girls will spend 2 days and 1 night navigating the trails of Pine Hill State Forest, located in Randolph, NY. During the day, girls will take exciting trail rides along Pine Loop, Hooks Trail, Frog’s Run, Creekside, Zig Zag, and more, while at night they will hitch up their horses, pitch tents, and cook over an open fire with their friends.
    • This program is not intended for the beginner rider. Girls must be at an intermediate or advanced level of horseback riding in order to participate. If girls do not meet the required level of horseback riding for this program they will be placed in a general horse program.

Register for camp today! 

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