Wednesday and Thursday at Timbercrest

Hello there, faithful readers!

Yesterday at Timbercrest was quite a day! We lucked out and other than the 5 a.m. thunderstorm, we were rain free. The clouds looked quite ominous at one point, but we didn’t have to cancel a thing. Sprucewood and Jackman’s Lodge had their cookouts last night so they didn’t have to worry about starting their fires. Sprucewood had hot dogs and hamburgers as their “appetizer” but then made macaroni & cheese in a dutch oven for the “main course.” They then made “smacos,” which is a twist on the traditional s’more, made with a flour tortilla, marshmallows, chocolate, and other things like pie filling. Then they’re made in pie irons. So delicious! Jackman’s made “spider dogs” which is a regular hot dog with the ends cut so they curl up when cooked over a fire. So fun!
Strawberry Hill were the only campers present for dinner and campers’ choice, so they had a major dance/dress-up party in the dining hall. There are pictures of that on our Flickr page.

Today our girls that signed up for 2-hour add-on horseback riding are finishing up at the barn. The Sprucewood girls went on the water toy right after breakfast before heading to the trading post and doing drama with their international counselor “Weasy.” Jackman’s is taking showers this morning and cleaning up from last night and will be doing some fun games before lunch. Our horseback riding girls in Strawberry Hill & Sprucewood will spend more time at the barn today as well. Tonight will be our final campfire for session 4. Hopefully it will be outside, but there are definitely thunderstorms on the way for the Southern Tier. Rain, rain, go away!

Have a most excellent day,


P.S.: Girls can do amazing things with Girl Scouts all year long – click here to learn more! Plus, the first 50 people to renew for 2018 Camp by August 13th, 2017 will receive a 2018 Camp sweatshirt (2018 Camp re-registrations for this promotion can be done in person at camp by August 13, 2017). Also, create an account in WordPress and enable the browser notifications to get instant notifications about new camp blog posts even when you are not actively using

And if you have any photos of camper drop-off or pick-up that you’d like to share, please email them to Tell us your camper’s name, how many years they’ve been to camp, and which program they’re doing. Because these photos may be used for future marketing materials, please make sure you have parents’ permission for all girls featured in the photo.

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