Welcome to Session 2–Disney Week at Timbercrest

Hello there new (and seasoned) blog readers! Today we brought in resident campers as well as core campers to Timbercrest! The weather has been lovely today, perfect for check-in!

This past weekend was the 50th Anniversary Celebration of resident camping at Camp Timbercrest! Campers, staff, leaders, and others took in the weekend while reminiscing, singing, canoeing, kayaking, making s’mores, and just loving life. It was absolutely inspiring to see these awesome women and men who have been touched by Timbercrest come back here and celebrate this camp – a place where everyone is welcomed. There were touching tributes, lots of silly songs, a million photos taken – it was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for the next 50 years of Timbercrest!

Check-in went very smoothly today, and there were smiles across campers and staff’s faces. After a dinner of chicken nuggets, salad bar, and ice cream for dessert – everyone headed to the all-camp fire circle across the lake for a night of learning new songs, learning about emergency procedures (I blow the air horn so they know what it sounds like) and having a great time! I’m sure after a long day everyone will go right to sleep, right?

Ha ha ha, probably not… it’s exciting to be at camp!

We will bring you more updates and photos soon!


P.S.: Girls can do amazing things with Girl Scouts all year long – click here to learn more! Plus, the first 50 people to renew for 2018 Camp by August 13th, 2017 will receive a 2018 Camp sweatshirt (2018 Camp re-registrations for this promotion can be done in person at camp by August 13, 2017). Also, create an account in WordPress and enable the browser notifications to get instant notifications about new camp blog posts even when you are not actively using WordPress.com.

P.P.S. If you have any photos of dropping off your camper that you’d like to share, we’re excited to see them! We’ll post them on social media, plus we’d love to possibly use them in future marketing materials. Send your camper pics to communications@gswny.org with your girl’s name and camp unit or program, plus if she a first-timer or a repeat camper.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Session 2–Disney Week at Timbercrest

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the camp adventures this week. I think it is harder on us momma’s when they are away. Reading the blog and seeing pictures will help! Thank you!

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