Thursday and Friday at Timbercrest…

Hello there friendly readers!

I apologize for the lack of updates from Cattaraugus County!

Thursday was quite the day here at Timbercrest. We started out with quite the cloudy sky, but we had hope! The Wet & Wild core camp group were able to get out on the lake (with me as their boating instructor) and that was quite the challenge. Keyser Lake often gets a strong current when the wind picks up, and that definitely happened to us but we were able to manage it. 😉 The girls had a great time but then the rain started coming down, I had no choice but to cancel the Brownie Basic girls’ boating time. Safety first!

Though there was a lot of rain, we were able to still have a ball. Lots of outside and inside activities including drama and arts & crafts. When we had a break in the rain after lunch (the storm during lunch was awesome, even though it was raining cats & dogs), everyone’s schedules went on as normal. Unfortunately it started raining again around dinner time, so we had to make the tough choice to have our closing campfire inside Bellinger Lodge. We still had such a good time, with all of the units bringing a fast and slow song along with them. The core campers all led a song as well, which is always great to see! Everyone headed to their units after campfire, settling in for their last night at Timbercrest.

I hope that your Friday is excellent…ours is halfway over! Our amazing core campers have departed, and our resident campers have cleaned and packed their units. This afternoon’s All-Camp Activity, which is a game that all campers and staff participate in across camp, is all Harry Potter themed. I get to play Dumbledore! After the All-Camp, there will be one more All-camp swim, then they will play Gaga or shoot archery at our archery range. Tonight will be our horse show for our Bridles & Bits girls, and our Summer Sampler & Fun in the Sun general campers will sing songs for their parents.

This weekend is Timbercrest’s 50th Anniversary of resident camping, and camp will be full of families, alumni campers & parents, and campers that will be coming later in the season. I will try and sneak in a blog or two during the event!

Have an excellent weekend and remember to check out our Flickr page for photos!

P.S.: Girls can do amazing things with Girl Scouts all year long – click here to learn more! Plus, the first 50 people to renew for 2018 Camp by August 13th, 2017 will receive a 2018 Camp sweatshirt (2018 Camp re-registrations for this promotion can be done in person at camp by August 13, 2017). Also, create an account in WordPress and enable the browser notifications to get instant notifications about new camp blog posts even when you are not actively using

P.P.S. If you have any photos of dropping off your camper that you’d like to share, we’re excited to see them! We’ll post them on social media, plus we’d love to possibly use them in future marketing materials. Send your camper pics to with your girl’s name and camp unit or program, plus if she a first-timer or a repeat camper.

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