Tuesday at Timbercrest! 07/26/2016

Hey there readers!

Tuesday was quite the eventful day! Our Core Campers left in the afternoon after lunch, but they got to play games in the morning and got a bunch of badge requirements done! Our CITs enjoyed time on our water toy, and were the first to use our new pulley system to keep the slide wet…basically a rope and an old laundry detergent bottle! Hey, whatever works when it’s hot! The CITs also slept down by the spillway, which is near the creek that runs through camp. I heard them last night from my cabin–I think their laughing carried through camp because it was so clear last night!

Strawberry Hill 2-weekers played Gaga, archery, visited the trading post, and did drama with Lennon our drama counselor while the Tree Climbers took a trip to Holiday Valley’s Sky High Adventure Park as part of their program, where they got to ride the Sky Mountain Coaster as well as the climbing elements! All of Straw Hill ended their day with 4-Square on the basketball court. The horse girls spent a lot of time at the horse barn, I was able to catch them at the end of their time and they were having a blast!

Sprucewood had horse time, an early time on the water toy, and even built fairy houses! They went on a splash hike after all-camp swim and of course cleaned up their unit.

I believe the best part of the day was when it was dark. Timbercrest offers unbelievable star gazing opportunities, and last night was no exception. The sky was clear, the stars were bright and sparkling. Gorgeous! If you get to see the stars and it’s clear tonight, make sure you check it out!


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