Monday 7/25/2016

We started our Monday with a very loud thunderstorm which had ended by the time it was time for breakfast…so campers got to enjoy an awesome morning.

Strawberry Hill and Sprucewood horseback riders worked at the horse barn in the morning and afternoon, as well as working on nature and our Be a Friend First program (which the CITs led). In the afternoon they all got on the water toy, as the thunderstorm that came during lunch let up by 3 p.m. The CITs did drama games and arts & crafts and worked with the core campers on their badges in the afternoon. At night the CITs had a “dessert night” and loved every minute of it!

Sprucewood also did archery, played Gaga, and visited the trading post. They had planned to campout at the totem pole but decided to give our highest unit, Hawthorne, a try! Hawthorne is quite a hike from main camp, but just up the hill from Sprucewood. Most girls feel like they’re in another world up there!

That thunderstorm during lunch came pretty quickly, but there is something magical about watching it come across our lake. A good number of the staff decided to dance in the rain on the porch to the delight of everyone in the dining hall…I’m sure they will be willing to entertain again as the weather goes up and down this week. See you tomorrow!


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