Tremendous Thursday!

Today was our last Thursday of camp. It is definitely sad for the summer to end but we are all thankful for the experiences we have shared with the friends we have made. The morning went on as usual. Swimming and boating were both popular activities as well as archery and hiking. Our dinner tonight was a United Nations dignitary meal where each table represented a different UN member country. The dining hall was decorated with the colors of the UN flag. After dinner we all went over to the totem pole for the final campfire of the summer. This campfire lasted longer than the others and was very meaningful to everyone. This week has been wonderful and we are happy to have one more day of camp fun!

One thought on “Tremendous Thursday!

  1. So glad to hear about what the girls have been doing. I hope there will be more pictures posted to Flikr. There are only a few as of today. Thanks!

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