Session 6 Wednesday!

Wednesday was a very exciting day. The weather was great and the waterfront was opened up again. The morning started like all mornings with polar bear swim. Campers can come down to the swim area at 7am to take a dip in the lake which is actually much warmer than the air. In the morning the groups swam, visited the trading post, and went on a hike.

Lunch for around the world week was a proper British tea. The dining hall was decorated with the British Flag and we all sipped tea throughout our meal. Wednesday afternoon was the buffalo swim. Anyone who is a blue cap has the opportunity to swim all of the way across the lake to the totem pole and back. After buffalo swim, each of the units prepared for their cookout tonight. Each group made a different dinner. For example Sprucewood made hot dogs and hamburgers, and Strawberry hill made vegetable soup and s’mores.

Last night the “My Backpack. My Pony, and me” girls headed out to Pineapple Junction for their overnight with the horses. They are having a great time and we can’t wait to hear about their awesome adventure.

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