Splendid Sunday!

Sunday we welcomed our session 6 campers! We are all very excited to finish out the summer strong. As girls arrived, they unpacked their belongings in their units and were introduced to their counselors for the week. When everyone made it to camp, all of the groups headed down to the waterfront for swim tests. The girls enjoyed their swim in the lake to cool off.

After swimming, the girls played ice breaker and name games to get to know their fellow campers and staff. Some popular games were the name train, and two truths and a lie. After dinner, we all made it to the other side of the lake for opening campfire. At campfire, the counselors in each unit performed a funny skit to introduce themselves. The skits this week revolved around our “around the world” theme. Also, each unit taught two fast songs and one slow song to the rest of camp. We had such an amazing first day of session 6, we are excited to see what the rest of the week has in store.

2 thoughts on “Splendid Sunday!

  1. My grand daughter is there this week. She is 3rd generation to come to Timbercrest bi spent many summers there, as did my daughter. This is her first year and hope she has as much fun as her mom and I had. Keep up the great work.

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