Fabulous Friday

Friday was the last day of session 5. We are sad to leave this beautiful camp but excited to see our families. After breakfast this morning, every unit went to their tents or lodge to pack to go home. Once packing was done everyone gathered outside of the dining hall for Friday Follies. Friday Follies is a tradition where every Friday, we host an all camp talent show. Campers and staff sing songs, perform skits, and show off any other talents. When Friday Follies was finished we all went into the dining hall to enjoy some delicious chicken nuggets and tater tots.

After lunch, we had all camp again. This week’s all camp was a Miss Timbercrest pageant. Each unit selected one counselor to represent their group in the pageant. Jackman’s Lodge chose Dreamer; Strawberry Hill picked Ginge, and Sprucewood elected Moo. The campers worked with their counselors to create the best outfits for each category. The categories were eveningwear, Timbercrest Spirit, and Swimwear. In the end it was Moo and Sprucewood that came out on top, but everyone had a great time.

When the pageant was over, the camp had about an hour of swim time. The rest of the evening will be spent hanging out with new friends and reflecting on the week before heading home. This was such a fantastic week!

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