Tuesday of Timbercrest Spirit week!

The camp was a bit wet Tuesday from a night of heavy rainfall, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time. The JCITs spent the morning training with Seashell. They learned about the expectations of being a counselor as well as learned about the different ages and stages of campers. In the afternoon they will be shadowing various jobs around the camp that they may be interested in applying for in the future. Some are shadowing in the kitchen, some with lifeguards, and some with unit counselors. This will give our JCITS a better idea of what it is really like to work at Camp Timbercrest. The other groups spent time boating on the beautiful lake. Everyone visited the trading post this morning where they bought all kinds of things to show off their Timbercrest spirit. Lunch today was a letter lunch. Campers and staff wrote letters to friends and family inside and outside of camp and delivered the letters during lunch time.

The horse girls painted Bosco, our white horse, earlier today. He looks fantastic. Some of the girls did arts and crafts with Ginge while others played some team building games outside. Hawthorne girls set up their tents to prepare for their overnight.

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