Thrilltastic Thursday at Timbercrest

Thursday was a fantastic day at Camp Timbercrest. It was a bit rainy but we made the most of the weather by playing rainy day games. All of the units finished up their week’s shopping at the Trading Post and bought awesome camp swag.

Then, some of the groups went boating in the rain, which made for a fantastic adventure on the lake. The through the looking glass core campers had a tea party with The Mad Hatter and played crochet with other Alice in Wonderland characters.

We finished the evening with closing campfire. Closing campfire is a great time to reflect on the week and all of the friendships that were made and challenges that were conquered. As the week comes to a close, everyone is grateful for the experiences they have shared at Timbercrest

One thought on “Thrilltastic Thursday at Timbercrest

  1. Sounds like lots of fun is being had by all! How is the pictures link coming? Also, I think you meant croquet(the lawn game) not crochet(a craft using a needle and yarn) 🙂

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