Sunny Monday

Today was a beautiful morning a little humid but it didn’t seem to bug the girls at all. There was a lot of swimming, archery, horse time (for the horse girls, of course), and field games. Girls did some arts and crafts as well. Lunch was the best!  TACOS! After lunch, it was a little cloudy but it was me time for the campers, so it was good weather to relax.

The afternoon was nice and beautiful, too, which was great for everyone and a plus from the start of the first week with all that rain. With the riding, swimming, and playing gaga, the girls were busy and having fun. Dinner time was really sweet with mashed potatoes, ham, corn, and apple sauce. While everyone was still eating, it started to rain and it only lasted for a few minutes before the sun came back out.

After dinner, everyone got ready for campers’ choice, and the girls were happy the rain had stopped so they could play with chalk and play gaga. The campers seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout campers’ choice when it came to an end. Luckily, the fun wasn’t over yet. It was time for Hawthorne’s party that was hosted in the program center. Some of the activities they were holding were face painting and a photo booth.

With the party over, the girls now are off to bed for the night and await for the grand adventures that will take place tomorrow.

Pictures for the Day


2 thoughts on “Sunny Monday

  1. Thanks for the pictures! Its a parent’s only view. Can you try to capture at least one of each girl riding a horse? I haven’t seen one of my daughter yet and I know she’d love a memory for her scrapbook. Thank you!!!

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