Campers Return

It is time for session 2 at Camp Timbercrest and the campers are rolling in on a beautiful cloudy and rainy day. Campers settled in and played some name games as well as taking their swimming assessments before heading to flag. Campers that are in the horse programs weren’t able to take their riding assessments due to all the rain, which made the horses soaked and unable to be ridden. They will more than likely take a short one when they go riding tomorrow to see what horse they will get.

Dinner was awesome! We had mac and cheese, hamburgers, fruit salad, and baked beans. Then after dinner it was time for campfire, which is time to sing and be as goofy as anyone wants to be. That’s what camp is about: letting campers be goofy, which they might not be able to do at school. Campfire was pretty awesom0. The campers were into it and I hope that goes for the rest of the week.

Pictures for the Day


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