Camp Memories: Aurora Borealis

[This post originally appeared on Camp Seven Hills News]

A few weeks ago, the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, prepared to make an appearance in the Western New York area. Caused by a geomagnetic storm, meteorologists explain that it’s a coronal mass ejection, or “a large cloud of charged particles from the solar corona.”

What we see is a beautiful swath of multicolored lights filling the sky.

Once we heard about the occurrence, we shared the story from WROC with our council via Facebook and found out that everyone loves the lights as much as we do. More than just sharing and engaging, people were sharing their own stories.

Former camper turned camp staff member Paula shared one of her fondest memories.

“As a kid I saw the northern lights while winter camping at Seven Hills. We took a night hike to Hunter’s Cabin and saw them over the pond. It was incredible! One of my favorite childhood Girl Scout memories!”

Paula is better known as Zoe in our world of camp. This year, she’s our very own camp director!

We can’t wait for another year of camp, and another season of favorite memories.

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