Session 3 Programs at Camp Timbercrest

This week we’re reviewing our Session 3 programs at Camp Timbercrest, happening Sunday, July 21, to Friday, July 26. Registration for our third session closes July 8, 2019. For more programs, visit our  Resident Camp Guide on our website.

Girls in Grades 1-3 in Fall 2019

  • Ready, Set, Go Camping Mini Session – Girls, this is your chance to experience the wonders of summer camp. Spend a few, fun days at Camp Timbercrest and enjoy swimming, games, arts and crafts, cookouts, and other great samples of camp life. Don’t forget to bring your best friend along with you. (Mini sessions run Sunday to Wednesday)

Girls in Grades 4-6 in Fall 2019

  • Razzle, Dazzle, and Sculpt – What is—or isn’t—considered “art?” What do you consider art? Work with the natural wonders of clay to sculpt and glaze your perfect pottery piece. Get psychedelic with a crafting classic: tie dyeing, or make beautiful jewelry such as bracelets, pins or hair accessories that will dazzle your family and friends. Girls will earn requirements towards the following Girl Scout Badges: Junior – Jeweler / Cadette- Book Artist
  • Ready to Ride –Experience the new up-and-coming sport in horse showing, Western Dressage. Learn the basics of Western riding techniques and what a dressage judge would be looking for during your dressage ride. Trail rides and barn management including basic barn chores, grooming, cleaning the stalls, and feeding the horses are also an important in this program. Lessons will be given based on ability and girls will complete their very first dressage at the end of the camp week. Campers will earn the horse patch with rider level(s).
  • Wizard Camp – Welcome to a week of wizardry and adventures! Make oozing and exploding potions, discover helpful plants, and try some magic defense techniques. Spend time conquering your fears with your friends as you play broomstick sports and compete in the Camp Wizard Cup.

Girls in Grades 7-12 in Fall 2019

  • Imagine and K’Nex – Use your imagination! Create fun craft projects using a variety of supplies such as K’nex Kits and natural materials. Create miniature theme park activities or water slides to show off to your friends. You will also get to see your creative park creations come to life when you take a trip to Splash Lagoon with your fellow Imagine and Connect friends and get a behind-the-scenes tour of how things operate. There will be plenty of time left to spend in the park, too. All this and the other great camp activities are included. Girls will earn requirements towards the Think Like An Engineer Journey.
  • The Great Cupcake Challenge – Calling all aspiring bakers! If you enjoy baking and want to learn more, this program is for you. Spend your week spicing it up in the kitchen at Camp Timbercrest. Girls will work with our head cook preparing a variety of different cupcakes and desserts. At the end of the week, compete in the Timbercrest Cupcake Challenge as you display your cupcake creation for your fellow campmates to try and vote on. Will you be crowned the next winner of the Timbercrest Cupcake Challenge?

Register for camp today! 

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