July 7-8, 2016

Camp Timbercrest campers pushed on and finished the arts and crafts they started at the beginning of the week. The girls were busy completing work for their “The Girl Scout Way” badges. Swimming continues to be a highlight of the girls days, however, today the girls went out on the lake in boats and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the island!!!! The Tack and Trails program took the horses for a hike around the property learning space, turns, and stops. When they returned to the horse barn they were taught the importance of grooming the horses especially after a long ride. Girls played dress-up and put together skits for drama plays through the Looking Glass program. The girls had so much fun orchestrating the skits that the laughter could be heard almost a mile away!!! The evening ended with a closing campfire, songs, s’more’s, and good friendship laughter!!!  7/8/2016 was the last day with a talent show and pizza for dinner!

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