Session 5 Wednesday

Wednesday was such a great day! Our CITs and RCITs have continued shadowing in the units and are learning a lot about what it takes to be a counselor or riding instructor. Wednesday morning all camp activities were working in full swing. Sprucewood headed to the archery range to work on their skills with bow and arrow. During this time, the brownies and Daises in Jackman’s Lodge went to check up on the fairy houses they built Tuesday in the woods. Sure enough, fairies showed up leaving fairy dust and some treats for the girls. Strawberry hill and Jackman’s also went swimming and boating in the morning. After lunch, all of the units enjoyed siesta, then playing some games with their friends.

One of the most exciting things about Wednesday’s are our cookouts. Every Wednesday all of the units cook out dinner over a campfire. Dinners tonight ranged from hot dogs to foil dinners to pie iron pizzas! Last night, we are having an all camp movie night for Broadway week where we will watch High School Musical 2!

One thought on “Session 5 Wednesday

  1. Sounds like the girls are having fun! Can’t wait to see them tomorrow at 7pm pick-up! I think mom misses them more!

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