“Merry “Christmas” Thursday!

Holiday Week has been quite a blast, and of course today was Christmas! Our Program Director Pippin taught all of the girls to greet each other by saying “Wassail” as they did back-in-the-day during the holiday season. We have a pink tree that one of our campers brought with her, and the dining hall is always decked out in lights…all summer…so the decorations were already in place! 🙂 The food was (as always) amazing, topped off with a chocolate “mousse” after dinner.  Many Christmas carols were played during lunch as well.

Keyser Lake was very busy today as the sun was shining brightly after an overnight thunderstorm. Our Core Campers (Razzle & Dazzle) got to go to Arts & Crafts twice to work on their projects, the horse girls from Sprucewood and Hawthorne rode a lot today, and the CITs continued to shadow around camp. We topped off our day with our traditional closing campfire where laughter and smiles turned into many tears as the campfire signified the end of our 2-weekers’ stay here at Timbercrest. Natalie from Strawberry Hill received her 10 year rounder for her Camp Timbercrest patch as she celebrated her 10th summer. Her favorite memory was being in the pirate unit when she was younger, where they “kidnapped” the camp director and then got cookies and ice cream. That’s quite a memory!

Hopefully everyone will sleep well after another busy day in the Southern Tier…always remember, you’re a part of Timbercrest!

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