Session 2 Last Day

Friday is here and it is time for the campers to pack and get ready to head home. Everyone seems super excited about today, be it going home or that they are fun activities that are only done on Fridays. Most of the morning includes them packing and cleaning their bags and unit. Next on the agenda is Friday Follies, a little talent show for the campers and counselors to show something to everyone they wouldn’t show at school or just sing for everyone if they want.

Lunch was a nice and simple meal for everyone to enjoy before their me time. All Camp is here! All Camp this week is Miss Timbercrest, where the campers choose one of their counselors to partake in the pageant and also to help dress them up for it. The counselors then walk one at a time out on the dock to show off the lovely outfits to the rest of the camp. Once everyone has gone through the categories, all the counselors line up on the dock facing the other side of the lake. Then at this time it is the campers choice on who wins Miss Timbercrest and is crowned for the year.

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