Camp Has Started!

Greetings Everyone,

Summer is back and you know what that means? Camp!! Yep, camp is back in session and is about to start. For some it has already. For example, Camp Timbercrest staff have been hard at work training, cleaning, and, of course, being wild and goofy.

For the campers: Get ready to be goofy and have the time of your life! Bring a water bottle because we will have those wonderful hot days, but rain gear is needed for the lovely rainy days we have been having, too.

Parents: I hope you’re excited for camp just as much as your campers are. Some of you will be sending your camper for the first time while others are sending your campers for another summer here. Hopefully by the end of their week(s), your camper will have tons of stories and songs to share with you.

So without further ado, I wish campers and parents a great and wonderful summer at Camp Timbercrest!


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