Thursday Session 4

As the week begins to wind down, so does Camp Timbercrest. Each unit had the chance to swim in Keyser Lake for the last time before they pack their things to go home.

The Fashionistas completed their fashion line and we would like to thank Fashion Lab New York for spending two sessions at Camp Timbercrest. The work the girls have made has been absolutely astonishing.

Ready to Ride went for their last trail ride throughout the camp. Meanwhile, My Favorite Pony played Gaga and went to Arts and Crafts.

Be Brave and Bold practiced archery for the last time before their tournament tomorrow morning before lunch. Everyday, the girls have been at archery for two hours; ALL of them have been getting better by the arrow.

The Daisies and Brownies went for a Lake Hike/Nature Walk along Keyser Lake. They also packed a lunch to take with them and ate lunch along the lake.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir checked in with camp today and all is going well. The weather was fine and the girls are continuing to paddle along the reservoir.

To conclude the week, Thursday is when Timbercrest has its Closing Campfire. Closing Campfire is a special time for not only the campers, but the staff as well. We are able to sit with our units for the last time and share laughs and giggles that we will look back on.

We will say goodbye to these girls tomorrow and we will miss them dearly. Be sure to check out the photos from today. Thank you and goodnight Girl Scouts.

Wednesday Session 4

Today at Camp Timbercrest, we added a new troop to a part of the Timbercrest family.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir was finally able to leave for their trip early this morning. Photos from their trip will be posted after they return in seven days. The weather has been perfect so far for the trip!!

After lunch, all blue caps that wanted to complete the Buffalo Swim did so. In order to complete the Buffalo Swim, the girls have to swim to the other side of Keyser Lake, touch the totem pole, then return to the other side of the lake.

Be Brave and Bold has their camp out tonight. The girls will have an experience camping out under the stars in tents as opposed to sleeping in their cabents.

At the end of the day, everyone was involved in all camp soccer. Be sure to click here to check out the photos from today!!

Tuesday Session 4

Today started as a wonderful day on Keyser Lake. After two days of the Waterfront being closed, the girls were finally able to complete their swim test under a light rain.

The rain would later go away and allow for the girls to partake in activities throughout camp.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir packed and prepared for their trip tomorrow. They also went to arts and crafts and archery after lunch.

The Fashionistas continued to work on creating their own fashion line with Fashion Lab New York. Meanwhile, Be Brave and Bold kept practicing their archery skills for a contest on Friday. They also went into the woods and built shelters to defend themselves against the elements.

My Favorite Pony and Ready to Ride each completed their barn chores. Unfortunately, the weather prevented the girls from going on horseback today.

The Daisies and Brownies went for a hike around the lake and drew with chalk on the basketball courts. In addition, the firebenders continued to build their fires.

At about 3 o’clock, a thunderstorm rolled into Camp Timbercrest. Due to the storm, everyone went inside Bellinger Lodge and played card games, board games, and went to arts and crafts.

To conclude the night, everyone had their own cookout with their units. This gives the girls a chance to learn how to build a fire and cook their own food. Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see more exciting activities the girls are doing.

Monday Session 4

Session 4 at Camp Timbercrest is full of seven different programs. All of these programs come together to form the Timbercrest family.

One of the programs, Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir, will be gone for a seven day trip along the Allegheny Reservoir. This will be an exciting experience for the girls to get off camp and to explore nature at its fullest.

The Fashionistas have returned to Camp Timbercrest for another session. After a successful program during Week 1, Fashion Lab New York has returned to Timbercrest to teach the Girl Scouts how to design their own fashion line.

My Favorite Pony and Ready to Ride will each be gaining experience at the barn. These two programs consist of helping with chores around the barn, grooming horses, and of course, horseback riding.

Be Brave & Be Bold is a program that is centered around archery. In the morning, the campers went for a hike around Keyser Lake. The girls went into the forest to find sticks to make their own bows in arts and crafts today. They also spent nearly two hours at the archery range to learn new skills.

The Firebenders have been learning how to build their own fires. They collected tinder, twigs, and sticks to get the fire started, and then added larger pieces of wood to keep the fire ablaze.

Last but not least, the Daisies and Brownies went to arts and crafts and for a nature hike before breakfast.

At the end of the day, the campers were involved in Camper’s Choice. This is an opportunity for the campers to choose their own activity to do instead of being with their units. The three options to pick from were Karaoke, British Trivia, and Frisbee.

Goodnight scouts and be sure to check the photos from today right here.

Troop Camp 7/27/19

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that Camp Timbercrest rests. There are over 120 troop members staying with us for the weekend that have experienced Timbercrest at its fullest.

From trail rides on horseback, to nature walks; from swimming to boating; from Gaga to Archery; these troops really did experience it all.

However, these activities could not have been run without Timbercrest’s hardworking, around the clockwork. Snaps go around for all of our hard workers.

Just like Timbercrest does during the week, there was a closing campfire for the troops this evening. Per usual, campfire is when the staff and campers come together as one coherent unit. Songs are sang, laughs are heard, and life long friendships are created.

On be half of the Timbercrest staff we would like to thank all of the troops who came to visit this weekend. We look forward to seeing you again next year! Here are some photos from today.

Friday Session 3

As Session 3 concluded today, Timbercrest welcomed over 100 new campers for a Troop Weekend.

The final day at Timbercrest is a day for the camp to come together as a whole. These combined activities are known as All Camp. The activities involved with All Camp are Friday Follies, which is a talent show for all campers and staff to show off a hidden talent, and all camp swim.

All of the programs cleaned their units and packed all of their belongings to go home.

At about 7:30 this evening, troops filled the parking lot of Timbercrest and are excited for a full weekend of games, bonding, and fun.

Goodnight scouts and stay tuned to find out what happens this weekend!!

Thursday Session 3

Today we said goodbye to our visitors from Piperwood. They have been part of the Timbercrest Family since Tuesday morning.

The Wizards woke up from their magical camp out and broke down their tents. Before lunch they went swimming and afterwards they played wizard cup.

The Cupcake Challenge finally had their bake off today. The girls were broken up in to two groups to decide which batch of cupcakes were better. One group made apple pie cupcakes with and without frosting while the other groups made s’mores and confetti cupcakes.

Ready to Ride swam in Keyser Lake and went for a trail ride. They also went to the archery range before dinner.

Per tradition, Thursday night is when the entire camp comes together to say goodbye before we start cleaning and packing tomorrow. Closing Campfire gives the girls a chance to say goodbye to their counselors and sing songs.

Be sure to click here to see memories that were made today.