Tuesday Session 5

Our Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir girls have finally returned home after a fun, successful day along the river. The girls came back with the biggest smiles on their faces, which is always a good sign.

The Junior Counselors in Training continued to get more familiar with the layout of Camp Timbercrest. They set up tents for their camp out, went swimming in Keyser Lake, and earned their first aid badge.

Ready to Ride gained more experience on horseback as they went for a trail ride around to Jackman’s Lodge. They also went swimming and got crafty in arts and crafts.

The Mud Challengers had a jam packed day today. They started out with archery and swimming in the morning. Then for lunch, the girls walked around Keyser Lake on the lake trail and packed a lunch. After lunch, the Mud Challengers made their own Mud Slip N’ Slide and showered afterwards, of course.

At the end of the day, each unit had their own cookout. At cookout, the girls are taught how to build their own fires and even cook their own food.

Goodnight Girl Scouts and check here for today’s photos.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Session 5

  1. My daughter is in the group my backpack, my pony and me. Is there any updates on this group? I keep checking to see if I can find her with horses and I haven’t seen any. Thank you, not trying to be a pest. Just hoping she is spending most of her time with the horses. Thank you again!

    • Hello Lori! Our Media Director at the camp does their best to provide updates and photos from every program, but given everything happening plus their other responsibilities at the camp, we can’t capture every group. I’ll reach out to the director and share your concern as well.

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