Thursday Session Two

Today was a nice, bright, sunny day at Camp Timbercrest. The girls had a lot of fun despite the humidity.

After a busy night of bowling, the Timbercrest at Night group started out their day with tie-dye and Gaga, while the Pastry Chefs took a leisurely morning swim. Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies got to spend their money in the trading post and then their final hint was revealed. The Ready to Ride girls spent their morning at trading post before exploring their creative sides in Arts and Crafts. My Backpack, My Pony, and Me enjoyed the water before lunch, while the Daisy’s and Brownie’s played some Gaga before joining the riding girls in the water.

After a delicious meal for lunch, the My Backpack, My Pony, and Me girls took off on a trail ride and overnight at the nearby state park. Meanwhile, the Daisy’s and Brownie’s spent some time on the water again by boating. The Timbercrest at Night group also spent time on the water toy and swimming. Finally, the Pastry Chefs spent their afternoon making chocolate chip cookies which were stolen! Luckily the girls from Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies solved the case and we all got cookies for dessert!

So ends another night at Timbercrest where the girls got to enjoy singing songs and saying so long to the friends they’ve made this week during closing campfire.

Goodnight Scouts<3

2 thoughts on “Thursday Session Two

    • Hello Susan! Cactus isn’t the media director at Camp Timbercrest and the director is the one who actually uploads photos. I will reach out and ask about any potential missing photos.

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