Monday at Timbercrest

Hello, hello, hello!

Monday was quite the eventful day out here in Randolph! We lost power in the morning after breakfast so all campers and staff got to “rough it” by using latrines until after lunch. In the morning, our general camp girls in Sprucewood were busy cleaning up their unit, taking on our water toy, and playing games. The JCITs in Sprucewood also got to play on the water toy as well as doing arts & crafts and playing Gaga with our core campers. Our Bridles & Bits girls in Strawberry Hill spent all morning at the horse barn learning all about individual horses, how to tack their horse, and becoming comfortable with doing barn chores. The core campers spent time working as a troop, doing archery, and going on a barn tour.

Luckily, our dining hall is quite bright even with the lights off, so we switched our dinner to lunch and had spaghetti and meatballs. We are very thankful to have a gas stove; that’s for sure! After cookies for dessert, the girls all went back to their units to have rest time.

In the afternoon, Sprucewood general campers headed to arts & crafts and archery after all-camp swim. The girls who signed up for our “just a taste” program for horse experiences got to do their 2 hours in the afternoon at the barn. Before they did their all-camp “kapers,” which are jobs that everyone does around camp to keep it in tip-top shape, the JCITs in Sprucewood  went on a splash hike to the Spillway with our long-time dedicated volunteer “Pickles.” The horse campers in Strawberry Hill got to experience our water toy while the core campers went boating with me! Some of the core campers had never been in a canoe, and they and their leaders did excellently! Of course, in true camp fashion, it started to rain buckets at around 5:15, so our outside activities stopped and we moved to rainy-day activities like games and crafts inside.

The evening lent itself to our Campers’ Choice programs, where staff signs up to lead things that they enjoy and love to teach. It changes every night and the sessions range from ball games to arts and crafts to yoga to Quidditch to anything you can imagine! Campers’ Choice happens Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. After the super fun sessions, the core campers got to have s’mores in the dining hall fireplace with our camp interns Zippy & Gamzee.

Tuesday will be bring even more fun, and I will update you later in the day with more photos on our Flickr account (we apologize for the lack of photos right now, we’re trying our best with our internet). Have a great day!



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P.P.S. If you have any photos of dropping off your camper that you’d like to share, we’re excited to see them! We’ll post them on social media, plus we’d love to possibly use them in future marketing materials. Send your camper pics to with your girl’s name and camp unit or program, plus if she a first-timer or a repeat camper.

Opening Day at Camp Timbercrest 2017!

Hello amazing friends out there!

Our opening day at Camp Timbercrest was super amazing! Our general and horse campers registered without a hitch. Our core campers were greeted by one of our camp interns, Zippy, and then met with the camp director to talk about their super-packed schedule of the week.

The girls in Sprucewood, Fun in the Sun and Summer Sampler, had their swim tests and toured the camp. They also wrote a campstitution (which is a contract within the unit for campers and staff to keep things fair and equal) to hang in the unit. The Bridles and Bits girls who are living in Strawberry Hill not only took their swim tests but also were able to get through their horse riding tests! Talk about a busy afternoon!

During dinner we learned all about the procedures in the dining hall. Timbercrest eats “family style,” where two adults serve the first servings of food and drink to the campers. There is always more food to eat, and we also have a salad bar filled with yummy things to accompany our meal. Camp songs are sung to help us along with cleaning up, and once the campers are done with their kapers (camp chores at the table, as well as in the unit or around camp) they go outside. Pretty soon the dining hall is empty and clean, and it’s time for Opening Campfire!

Opening campfire included introductory skits from staff, the 12 days of camp (a fun and silly way to introduce basic camp rules), and we learned lots of camp songs. Timbercrest’s campfires always end with amazing sunsets over the lake. Last night did not disappoint us.

Today has a lot in store for all of our campers, we will sure to update later on in the day! Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions below, as well as check out our Flickr page for some photos from last night!